• Linium 90 (100 x 25mm)
    Slimline glass partition system
    Reveal: 25mm (Side profile measurement)
    Suits Glass thickness: 6-10mm glass
    Stud Sizes: 64mm studs
    Plasterboard Thickness: 13mm
    Doors: 35,38 and 44mm doors
    Glazing Options: Centre, Offset and Double

Linium Suite Shadow

A Slim, Professional Look

The Linium Suite offers a sleek office suite with glass partition walls. Its glass partitioning allows light into the office, creating an atmosphere of space in which focus and creativity can be enhanced.

You will find the Linium Suite in many different office spaces throughout Australia. Its design has proven to be a popular choice due to its slimline precision. Take a look inside and discover ‘the expression of precisive lines’. For an office that truly exudes professionalism, the Linium Suite is the perfect choice for neat glass office partitions that will suit a variety of office environments.

Features of the Linium Suite

Though it has a slimline profile, with 64mm studs and 13mm plasterboard, the Linium 90 Suite of glass partition walls still has room to incorporate the following: a range of adaptors, a heavy duty door frame with the three point fixing design, and three interchangeable glazing options.

These glazing options include centred, offset and double-glazed, which can all work in conjunction with selected Platinum 90 sections. This allows for a variety of design possibilities and the capability to customise the suite to the personality and ethos of your business. It’s also designed for ultimate efficiency of installation, ensuring minimal down-time when giving your interior a slim-line makeover.

Additional features include:

  • - Excellent acoustic performance to prevent unwanted sound filtering into your office
  • - Two plasterboard options
  • - Glazing pocket incorporating 6mm to 10mm glass, and rubber or silicone options
  • - Door stop options allowing three different options for doors: 35mm, 38mm or 44mm
  • - Window and door frames, and ceiling channel, to provide enhanced joining capabilities with gussets

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