Gallium 45 (45 x 26mm)

Gallium 45 (45 x 26mm) Shadow

Slimline Glazing Frame

The Gallium 45 suite is a streamlined glazing suite that can be incorporated into any wall thickness. The door frame of the suite has been specially designed with a concealed centre fix provision, simplifying the frame installation by utilising an existing opening. The window frame section also features a ‘clip out bead’ on all sides to ensure quick and simple installation of glass.

Strength and Versatility

The Gallium 45 slimline glazing frame provides a perfect mixture of strength and versatility in addition to exuding a stylish quality. Features include the ability to incorporate 6mm to 12mm glass; easy installation; and a stylish, slimline appearance. An additional feature the suite boasts is its ability to be used in conjunction with a range of different wall thicknesses, providing flexibility and a range of options to choose from.

The Gallium 45 slimline glazing frame suite is available from Criterion Industries.