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Acacia Cavity Unit

Acacia is a quality sliding cavity door system offering both style and value within residential and commercial spaces.

Ideally suited for smaller light weight doors, the arctic roller technology facilitates a smooth slide action with an optional soft close roller system. Acacia cavity is made-to-order and is available in a single or bi-parting double unit.

Acacia is a reliable, high performance cavity door unit system that provides a quality cost-effective solution for any setting.

  • Quick release roller hanger
  • Manufactured to suit 38mm Timber doors
  • Manufactured to suit 44mm Aluminium doors
  • Weight capacity up to 100kg (80kg Soft Close)
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    Q: What stud size & plaster thickness does Acacia suit?
    A: 90mm Stud with 10 or 13mm plasterboard (plasterboard is confirmed at time of order).

    Q: Are Acacia cavities custom made?
    A:Yes they are made to specific requirements with very fast lead times (Usually 4-10 working days).

    Q: How do I work out my door size?
    A: Download our Quick Order From for specific calculations.

    Q: What is Acacia made of?
    A:Acacia cavities are made of Timber, with Steel reinforcement for the split jambs and an Aluminium Sliding Track.

    Q: What is the max door weight for the Acacia?
    A: 100kg door for standard roller and 80kg door for Soft Close roller.

    Q: What is the max door thickness for Acacia?
    A: 38mm Timber door and 44mm Aluminium door.

    Q: Does Acacia include architraves?
    A: No it doesn't as the architrave requirements differ from project to project.

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