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The Platinum 120 suite incorporates 92mm steel studs or 90mm timber studs with 13mm plasterboard on either side. This versatile suite offers three glazing options; centre glazed, offset glazed and double glazed. The double glazed option is often used in areas where acoustics are paramount. The Platinum 120 suite is often used in industrial and medical applications providing a heavy duty partitioning solution and allows the combination of hinged and sliding doors to be used throughout your project without detracting from visual consistency of the suite.

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Lightweight (4mm Skin) (View more Lightweight (4mm Skin) options)

MDF Door Lightweight (4mm Skin)

2700 x 920 LW/FP 44mm Raw Stock Size

Heavyweight (9mm Skin) (View more Heavyweight (9mm Skin) options)

MDF Door Heavyweight (9mm Skin)

2700 x 920 HW/FP 44mm Raw Stock Size

2700 x 920 HW/FP 44mm Raw Stock Size - Morticed at 1000mm to centre of handle

Recessed Edge Standard Plasterboard (View more Recessed Edge Standard Plasterboard options)

13mm Recessed Edge Plasterboard

13mm RE Plasterboard 1200 x 2700

13mm RE Plasterboard 1200 x 3000

Stud Adhesive (View more Stud Adhesive options)


Acrylic Stud Adhesive 5.2kg

Gallium 100 (101 x 44mm) (View more Gallium 100 (101 x 44mm) options)

CI-4260 Pocket Filler

CI-4260 Pocket Filler N/A (6.5)

CI-4260 Pocket Filler N/A (2.75)

Platinum 110 (123 x 35mm) (View more Platinum 110 (123 x 35mm) options)

CI-4963 Door Stop

CI-4963 Door Stop (44mm) N/A (6.5)

Platinum 120 (131 x 35mm) (View more Platinum 120 (131 x 35mm) options)

CI-4262 Door Stop

CI-4262 Door Stop (38mm) N/A (6.5)

CI-4211 Ceiling Channel Shadow Line

CI-4211 Ceiling Channel Shadow Line N/A (6.5)

CI-4220 Door Frame

CI-4220 Door Frame N/A (6.5)

CI-4220 Door Frame N/A (2.75)

CI-4251 Sill Bead

CI-4251 Sill Bead N/A (6.5)

CI-4240 Glazing Adaptor

CI-4240 Glazing Adaptor N/A (6.5)

CI-4250 Window Sill

CI-4250 Window Sill N/A (6.5)

CI-4230 Window Frame

CI-4230 Window Frame N/A (6.5)


Platinum 120 Drilling Jig - Zinc Plated

Aluminium Flat Skirting (View more Aluminium Flat Skirting options)

100 x 1.6mm Flat Aluminium Skirting

100 x 1.6mm Flat Aluminium Skirting - N/A 3600mm

Steel Wall Stud (View more Steel Wall Stud options)

92mm Stud 0.55 BMT

92mm Stud 0.55 BMT - 3000mm

92mm Stud 0.55 BMT - 2700mm

Top & Bottom Track (View more Top & Bottom Track options)

92mm Track

92mm Track 0.50 BMT - 3600mm

92mm Track 0.50 BMT - 3000mm

Fur And Acoustic Seals (View more Fur And Acoustic Seals options)

Door Seal

6.9mm Black Door Seal

6.9mm Grey Door Seal

Hinges And Door Accessories (View more Hinges And Door Accessories options)


Stainless Steel Interfold Hinges

Zip Grip Skirting Glue (View more Zip Grip Skirting Glue options)

Zip Grip Adhesive 300ml Tube

Zip Grip Adhesive 300ml Tube

Window Frame Screws (View more Window Frame Screws options)

Window Frame Screw Self-Tapper Pan Head

Window Frame Screw 10g x 25mm S/T PAN HD - (Box) - 1000

Platinum Corner Stakes (View more Platinum Corner Stakes options)


Platinum Joining Stake - Straight

Platinum Joining Stake - 90° Corner

Platinum Joining Stake - 90° Flat