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In this CPD presentation, we take a look at the Behaviour of Sound, and the important role that acoustics play when designing a space.

We break down the basics of sound as energy and the various levels in context of everyday noises. We then look at how sound works in the context of an office environment and what can be done to minimise sound transfer.

We examine the benefits of double glazing as it relates to sound and temperature, and we look at the performance results across a number of Criterion products.

We then identify Risk Areas, which are potential errors that can be made at the design level. By looking at some real life case studies, we can critically evaluate the impact of these errors and review the decision making process to avoid making these common mistakes.

Finally, the Acoustic Rules of Thumb will reaffirm the principles covered in this CPD module.

This presentation is designed to arm you with the practical and technical information you need to make informed design decisions confidently.


Understanding loudness. Sound as energy, the measurement of sound and sound in the office.
Double Glazing for Thermal or Acoustics. Factors which affect performance.
Identifying Risk Areas. Flanking, Weak Points and Recommendations.
Acoustic Rule of Thumb. Key principles.


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