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The Gallium 100 is a robust glazing suite often used in external and internal applications. The heavy door frame is especially reinforced to allow for the installation of solid core doors. The overhead transom allows for a transom closer to be concealed within the transom, and can be used for either a single action or a pivot action door. The range includes a sub head and sill for external weather conditions.

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Gallium 100 (101 x 44mm) (View more Gallium 100 (101 x 44mm) options)

CI-3130 Standard Frame

CI-3130 Standard Frame N/A (6.5)

CI-3130 Standard Frame N/A (2.75)

CI-3134 Heavy Frame

CI-3134 Heavy Frame N/A (6.5)

CI-3134 Heavy Frame N/A (2.75)

CI-3150 Window Sill

CI-3150 Window Sill N/A (6.5)

CI-2251 Sill Bead

CI-2251 Sill Bead N/A (6.5)

CI-3140 Glazing Adaptor

CI-3140 Glazing Adaptor N/A (6.5)

CI-3140 Glazing Adaptor N/A (2.75)

CI-3144 Flat Filler

CI-3144 Flat Filler N/A (2.75)

CI-3144 Flat Filler N/A (6.5)

CI-3178 2/3 Way Corner Post

CI-3178 2/3 Way Corner Post N/A (6.5)

CI-3135 Narrow Frame

CI-3135 Narrow Frame N/A (6.5)

CI-3180 C.O.C. Plain Transom

CI-3180 C.O.C. Plain Transom N/A (6.5)

CI-3182 Transom Flat Filler

CI-3182 Transom Flat Filler N/A (3.25)

CI-3115 Sub Head

CI-3115 Sub Head N/A (6.5)

CI-3185 Slotted Subsill

CI-3185 Slotted Subsill N/A (6.5)

CI-2263 Door Stop

CI-2263 Door Stop (44mm) N/A (6.5)

CI-2263 Door Stop (44mm) N/A (2.75)

CI-2261 Door Stop

CI-2261 Door Stop N/A (6.5)

CI-2261 Door Stop N/A (2.75)

CI-4260 Pocket Filler

CI-4260 Pocket Filler N/A (6.5)

CI-4260 Pocket Filler N/A (2.75)