What are Criterion’s Trading Hours?

  • We are open from 7am-5pm, Monday – Friday.

What is Criterion’s Powdercoating Lead Time?

  • 4 working days. If your job is urgent and required sooner, please call and we will work with you to see your project through on time.

What is Your Typical Anodising Thickness?

  • Criterion’s aluminium anodise thickness is typically 10 or 15 um which is in accordance with Australian Standards for most indoor applications. Please request a thicker anodise coating (25um) for applications that have an aggressive atmospheres, especially where condensation is likely to occur. E.g. Around indoor Swimming pools.

Can You Deliver to Country Areas?

  • Yes - we carefully package your order to ensure your goods are received damage-free. We can arrange transport or work with your transport company. Please call to discuss freight times.

Can you call me to confirm delivery time?

  • We call you to confirm delivery times to ensure someone’s available on site to assist in unloading. We arrange our drivers to deliver within a promised time slot.

Are your products locally made?

  • Our products are sourced locally and overseas and manufactured in our warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Criterion only sources quality products that are proven, tested and certified to exceed industry standards.

What is Criterion’s Standard Lead Times?






 Does Criterion supply and install?

  • Criterion supplies only to the industry. Criterion does not contract or install on site.

What Partition System is best for my project?

*Acoustic figures are a guide only and are based on 0.5BMT steel studs and standard 13mm recessed edge plaster.

What Cavity System is best for my project?