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Definium 90 Quick Order


The Definium 90 Suite incorporates 64mm studs and 13mm plasterboard. This bold aluminium suite offers an array of design possibilities with two glazing options; centre and offset glazed. The two glazing options are interchangeable and can also work in conjunction with selected Platinum and Linium sections. Definium 90 has been designed for ultimate performance and simple installation

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Linium 90 (100 x 25mm) (View more Linium 90 (100 x 25mm) options)

CI-2244 Flat Filler

CI-2244 Flat Filler N/A (3.25)

Definium 90 (100 x 50mm) (View more Definium 90 (100 x 50mm) options)

CI-2511 Ceiling Channel

CI-2511 Ceiling Channel N/A (6.5)

CI-2520 Door Frame (50mm Reveal)

CI-2520 Door Frame (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

CI-2530 Window Frame (50mm Reveal)

CI-2530 Window Frame (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

CI-2540 Glazing Adaptor

CI-2540 Glazing Adaptor N/A (6.5)

CI-2550 Window Sill (50mm Reveal)

CI-2550 Window Sill (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

CI-2551 Sill Bead (Suits CI-2550)

CI-2551 Sill Bead (Suits CI-2550) N/A (6.5)

CI-2533 Offset Frame (50mm Reveal)

CI-2533 Offset Frame (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

CI-2543 Offset Glazing Adaptor

CI-2543 Offset Glazing Adaptor N/A (6.5)

CI-2553 Offset Glazing Sill (50mm Reveal)

CI-2553 Offset Glazing Sill (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

Definium 120 (131 x 50mm) (View more Definium 120 (131 x 50mm) options)

CI-4556 Offset and Double Glazing Bead

CI-4556 Offset and Double Glazing Bead N/A (6.5)