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Definium 105 Quick Order


The Definium 105 Suite incorporates 76mm studs and 13mm plasterboard. This bold aluminium suite offers a range of design opportunities with two glazing options; centre and offset glazing. Especially used in high traffic areas where a more heavy duty suite is required.

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Definium 105 (114 x 50mm) (View more Definium 105 (114 x 50mm) options)

CI-3520 Door Frame (50mm Reveal)

CI-3520 Door Frame (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

CI-3540 Glazing Adaptor

CI-3540 Glazing Adaptor N/A (6.5)

CI-3551 Sill Bead (Suits CI-3550)

CI-3551 Sill Bead (Suits CI-3550) N/A (6.5)

CI-3533 Offset Frame (50mm Reveal)

CI-3533 Offset Frame (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

CI-3543 Offset Adaptor

CI-3543 Offset Adaptor N/A (6.5)

CI-3553 Offset Sill (50mm Reveal)

CI-3553 Offset Sill (50mm Reveal) N/A (6.5)

CI-3562 38mm Door Stop

CI-3562 38mm Door Stop N/A (6.5)

Definium 120 (131 x 50mm) (View more Definium 120 (131 x 50mm) options)

CI-4556 Offset and Double Glazing Bead

CI-4556 Offset and Double Glazing Bead N/A (6.5)

CI-4560 Pocket Filler

CI-4560 Pocket Filler N/A (6.5)