November 15, 2014

Gold Coast University Hospital

Project: Gold Coast University Hospital GCUH

Location: Parkland Drive Southport, QLD Australia

Architect: GCUH Architecture (PDT, Silver Thomas Hanley & Hassell Architects)

Managing Contractor: Lend Lease

‘Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) is set to change any preconception you might have of a hospital – it is not plain white, it is not stark; GCUH is a modern workplace for staff and will act as a home away from home for many of its patients’

Construction has spanned over the past four years and after nearly nine million construction hours and 1.8 billion dollars later, the facility is ready to be brought to life. GCUH is physically the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere and is due to open in September 2013. Design process has included the ongoing consultation of working groups including; Administrative, Operative and surgical staff.

Criterion Platinum 120 Aluminium suite was specified and has been installed for internal glazing and door jambs throughout the hospital for;

- Office & administration areas

- Intensive care units

- Surgical and operation theatres

- Visitor waiting areas

- Patient wards

- X-ray rooms

In choosing the Platinum 120 Suite, the architects considered the high-traffic environment and the need for the door and window frames to sustain the hospital’s hustle and bustle.

Not only is the Platinum 120 suited because of the need for something heavy-duty, a modern and comfortable atmosphere has certainly been achieved and has set new levels for hospital environments.

Read more about the Platinum 120 Suite

Thanks to all those that we worked with on the GCUH project – we found it a very enjoyable learning experience working on such a future-changing project!


The Platinum 120 Suite incorporates 92mm steel studs or 90mm timber studs with 13mm plasterboard on either side. This versatile suite offers three glazing options; centre glazed, offset glazed and double glazed. The double glazed option is often used in areas where acoustics are paramount. The Platinum 120 Suite is often used medical applications providing a heavy duty partitioning solution and allows the combination of hinged and sliding doors to be used throughout your project without detracting from visual consistency of the suite.


- Estimated sound rating of:

     - RW 36 – (without insulation)

     - RW 42 – (with CAB4 Polyester Insulation)

(Figures are based on single layers of plasterboard; increase of layers will in turn boost the rating)

- Provides the maximum variety of plasterboard options

   – 92mm studs with a single skin of 13mm plasterboard on either side of the wall

   – 76mm studs with a double skin of 13mm plasterboard on one side of the wall and a single skin on the other

   – 64mm studs with a double skin of 13mm plasterboard on either side of the wall

- Glazing pocket incorporates 6mm to 10mm glass

- Door Stop options allow for 35mm or 44mm doors

- Glazing pocket accepts either a captive wedge or silicone glazing options

- Incorporates the Artesian Cavity Unit


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